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Brownstone facades & row houses  in an iconic neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights in New York

Management Resources
Building Checklist


Spencer Merlis
The Small Building Property Manager

Please check out some tools I use below. 

1. Building Checklist
Keep track of building upkeep in one place.
2. Violations Flowchart
 A flow-chart to self-Certify old violations.

3. Property Tax Guide  
Understand abatements you are or could be getting.

Read about our services here, or contact us for a free consultation about your building's needs.

Building Maintenance & Compliance Checklist

This is a generic version of a checklist I use to ensure your building is being maintained correctly, meeting all the City requirements, and remaining Violation Free.

It is for a building less than 25,000 sqft, less than 6 floors with no elevator.

Email, call or text me with suggestions or for clarification. | (718) 635-4246

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