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Brownstone facades & row houses  in an iconic neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights in New York

Management Resources
Property Taxes


Spencer Merlis
The Small Building Property Manager

Please check out some tools I use below. 

1. Building Checklist
Keep track of building upkeep in one place.
2. Violations Flowchart
 A flow-chart to self-Certify old violations.

3. Property Tax Guide  
Understand abatements you are or could be getting.

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Property Tax Guide

The programs & opportunities below can save you money on your property taxes. 

DISCLAIMER: Always consult your CPA and legal professionals around tax advice.  Below are just general guides taken from publicly available City and State sources. Use at your own risk. Contact Corbel for more in depth help.

If you have questions or feedback on anything below - contact us! We aim to update and keep this page relevant to you.

Cooperative and Condominium Tax Abatement

A condo or coop is taxed at a rate closer to a single family home, significantly lowering the tax bill.

STAR Benefit - Basic & Enhanced, Exemption & Credit

A tax benefit designed to reduce the school property taxes on NY homeowners. 

Green Roof Abatement

 A one-time tax abatement for having a roof with [deliberately installed] vegetation.

Solar Roof Abatement

 A tax abatement for using solar panels.

SCHE - Snr Citizens Homeowner Exemption

For seniors who own and reside in 1-3 family homes, or a condo or coop.

421a Tax Abatement

An abatement awarded during construction or significant renovation.

J-51 aka Affordable Housing Rehabilitation Program

A tax break to promote improving (renovating) property.

Veteran, Disabled, Victim, Clergy Exemptions

Person and situation specific tax exemptions.

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