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Brownstone facades & row houses  in an iconic neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights in New York

Management Resources
Violations Flowchart


Spencer Merlis
The Small Building Property Manager

Please check out some tools I use below. 

1. Building Checklist
Keep track of building upkeep in one place.
2. Violations Flowchart
 A flow-chart to self-Certify old violations.

3. Property Tax Guide  
Understand abatements you are or could be getting.

Read about our services here, or contact us for a free consultation about your building's needs.

Violations Reissuance & Resolving

If you have HPD violations for which the issue has been fixed you can eCertify them online, meaning the violation is removed. It doesn't apply to all violations, but it does apply to many. The only cost is stamps and a notary.

Follow the steps below to learn how to remove many of your HPD violations yourself, online.

It's a 3 Step Process:
1) Reissue the old violations
2) Enroll your building in eCertify
3) eCertify the Reissued Violations online

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