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Property Management for
Apartments & Small Buildings


We specialize in serving apartments and 1-20 unit buildings in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Our small relationship-focused team is able to offer responsive, transparent and proactive service that caters specifically to the needs and bottom lines of apt owners, small building landlords, coops and condo boards. We seek simpler solutions first and rely on in-house know-how and our network of trusted vendors to ensure your building’s financial needs are met. 

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Urban Street

Best Property Management Company
for Small Buildings

Corbel Property Management has the best customer service for serving 1-20 unit buildings. Our experienced and quick-responding staff ensure that your building's needs are met while our customized management agreements ensure flexibility and affordability. Our tenants are happy, our boards are happy and we're happy to have the chance to take on your apartment's or building's challenges leaving you time to focus on you.

Small Building Services

Roof Leaks

Routine Maintenance


Sidewalk Cleaning

Mail Pick Up


HPD & DOB Compliance


Required Signage

Boiler & HVAC

Water Your Plants

Small Building Specialists

Flexible and Affordable

We're a boutique property management company. Our flexible services and pricing can meet almost any need from short term care while an owner is away, to full service property management.

Maintenance & Repairs

We're able to meet your building's ongoing maintenance and repair needs while ensuring safe, compliant and cost-effective solutions. We manage garbage, cleaning services as well as project management for capital developments.

Building Financials & Rent Collection

We can manage your building financials, offering rent / common charge collection and related financial services.

Sweeping, Trash & Commons Cleaning

We ensure trash is put out according to City requirements, sidewalks are kept litter free and common areas are kept clean.

Compliance / Inspections

We ensure your building is safe, up to code and meets the ever evolving City requirements. Many existing violations we can remove with in house staff and can manage vendors in addressing more complex violations.

Tenant Placement & Leases

We run a full service real estate agency. We can find the best tenants at the highest market rents, we also do lease writing and renewals.

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